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Health and Medical Planning:

Know your medical rights and options!

​The following link provides patients with information on 

Advanced Care Directives, Living Wills and what options

are available to protect your personal rights regarding your

health and medical wishes.


Be careful about who you give your information to! Whether it is a flyer in the mail, offer on the television, or even a email subscription, identity theft and fraud can happen!

From Toy ads on TV to Vacation Offers, this site is for Floridian Consumer awareness, alerts, and where to file a complaint.

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Drug Addictions and Rehabilitation Center: 

At, their mission is to equip patients and families with the best information, resources and tools to overcome addiction and lead a lifelong recovery. Find locations and other information on their website.  

Please read: 

Sometimes it is hard to find the right resources out there that don't involve giving out your private information. That is why Dr. Story and his office team have created this new page as of August 2014.

These are the upcoming resources

Story Family Medicine will be working on

Self-Pay Patients Products and Services

Free Educational classes and Support Groups for Chronic Conditions.

Prescription Savings Offers and programs

Identity Theft and Fraud Awareness

 Patient Advocacy and Resources


Dr. Curtis Story MD